So whatever happened to K & M?

As many of you know, Marge was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2015.  A hysterectomy failed to eliminate all of the cancer, it having metastasized to her lymphatic system and leaving her little choice other than chemo and radiation, both of which she immediately rejected. 

Faced with the prospect of fighting for her life with alternative nutritional therapy I made the decision to shut things down, lock the doors, go where we had to go and do what we had to do in order to give her the best chance she could have.  That’s exactly what we did and she did very well for awhile but other complications that may or may not have been related to the cancer took her on Nov. 13, 2015, 53 years and 3 days into our marriage.  She was cheery and upbeat to the end, expressing no regrets for her choices and telling everyone who asked that she never had a bad day.  Her visitors came with tears and left with smiles.  Her faith was an inspiration to everyone who knew her and she never suspected how her quiet and sweet spirit touched so many lives before and during her illness, at her funeral service, and even now, as friends and family share memories of her.

To my great regret, I never did check to make sure that a notice had been posted on the site informing everyone what was happening and why.  My conclusion that it had been posted was reinforced by the few emails I did open when we were in Elk River that made reference to our health issues, “you are in our prayers”, “let us know when you’re back up and running”, etc., etc.  I apologize for the oversight and take full responsibility.  It hasn’t helped that until a few weeks ago I had no internet access so was unable to inform anyone by email what was happening with K & M.  Now that we’re hooked up we learn that we have over 70,000 emails stacked up on the server!  I’m working my way through them and trying not to delete any orders or inquiries.  If you’re reading this your order/inquiry probably survived.    

Marge’s illness took its toll on all of us and I now know that my own inactivity, poor diet, physical and emotional exhaustion, etc., contributed much to a massive decline in my personal health status.  I really didn’t think I would survive her death and didn’t much care either way.  When our four kids realized what was happening to me they pretty much took me by the scruff of the neck and turned the situation around with a lot of tender loving care.  It’s no stretch to credit them (and many supportive friends) with saving my life. 

Along with all the other upheaval over the past year, we’ve been in the process of moving me from Elk River to Troy for the last several months as time permits.  It’s a sporadic operation entirely dependent upon the family’s availability as I am still limited by health (heart and sciatic nerve) issues in how much I can do and for how long I can do it.  I do know that moving and/or disposing of 40 years accumulation requires far more time than anyone could ever imagine.

 In winding this up the two-fold purpose of the above being to inform readers of the following:

  1. My recovery is progressing well enough that I’m seriously considering commuting from Troy to Elk River (40 miles) one or two days a week in order to run off enough cases to fill orders already on our site and any new orders that may come in as a result of our efforts to get rolling again.  The only way we’ll know if this plan will work is to try it – if it doesn’t, nothing lost.  It’s only possible through the generous offer of a retired 80 year young machinist friend who has volunteered many times to help in this way.  Of necessity I’m going to take advantage of his kind offer.
  2. To announce that it’s time to sell K & M lock, stock, name, and barrel, including the house, shop, and equipment as a functioning turn-key unit or in any combination of the above.  priced according to how much of it a buyer may want.  Basically what it boils down to is that it will be sold to the highest bidder.  Anyone seriously interested in the business or the real estate or the package deal please send an email with a phone number and I’ll call you.  I now have a cell phone only and am reluctant to post the number on the site as I need to do something besides answer it!
  3. We do not have a detailed list at this time but will be working on one.  I will say that if there’s someone out there who’d like to live and work in a beautiful and pristine part of Idaho they really ought to come and look it over.  Elk River even has a small airport if anyone wanted to fly in, flip the light switch, and run a few matchcases.   

At present there are nearly 70,000 emails on my computer I’m trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.  There’s absolutely no way I can answer each one, so if you see this notice on the site have an order in the hopper I’d appreciate if you’d please send a simple email with an up to date reminder including the date of your original order and how it was paid for so I can make sure we still have it.  For those who wish to cancel their order please file a claim with PayPal to obtain a refund.

A final note of apology and to thank you for your belief in K&M…..and for the patience of those who have waited months for their orders.  Let’s hope the above outlined plan works.

I also wish to thank the many customers and friends who expressed their support, prayers, and condolences both during Marge’s illness and after her passing.  It meant a lot to all of us then and it means a lot to me now.

God bless you;